Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Italian Honeymoon : Part 3 : Positano

When I talk to couples who plan on going on their honeymoon a year or so after their wedding, I really try to encourage them to think twice. Even if it isn't across the world, a week spent together after the long planning of your wedding is nothing but amazing! I have LOVED sharing our time near Sorrento and at Cooking Class in Ravello  and have loved editing these photos to share today from my favorite spot, Positano. I have a major crush on this city in Italy! It certainly charmed both of us, we truly fell in love with this spot on the Amalfi Coast. Walks around the town built on the cliffs, gelato, fresh pasta at outdoor restaurants, boat trips, sunshine, yes, this little place is a slice of heaven. 
Where We Stayed In Positano
The hotel is located up on the cliffside in the town, overlooking the main beach and Li Galli island. It was a less then 10 minute walk down the stairs to the beach, and it what a view it was! Our room had a lovely balcony that looked onto the ocean, as well as the spot for breakfast, it was lovely. The service was great, they were so helpful and honestly, I would recommend it. It was a great spot for our stay! 
Where We Ate & Drank

Il San Pietro di Positano : A drink with a view at Il San Pietro di Positano is one of my most memorable experiences. Seriously this hotel is the definition of STUNNING! However, the hotel was a little out of our price range, so we enjoyed a few bellinis and snacks on the terrace before we went back into town. The hotel is a few minutes away from the main section of town, but oh so well worth the cab or the drive. The views are absolutely spectacular, the waitstaff is polished and charming, a bellini and aperol spritzer at Il San Pietro di Positano is for sure worth every Euro we spent. 
 The gardens at Il San Pietro di Positano are like no other place! It was kind of fairytale like, yep, it was. 
 Ristorante Le Tre Sorelle : I had read the reviews from Courtney at Babycinno Kids on Cup of Jo of places to eat in Positano, and when we wanted a casual Italian but good and classic spot, this recommendation was perfect. Ristorante Le Tre Sorelle is located right near the beach area and with the World Cup going on, it was a pretty vibrant and energetic place to be. The menu is full and not that expensive and well, obviously I loved the name of the place, the THREE sisters! 
Positano I love you! 
La Sponda Restaurant at Le Sirenuse Hotel : We had heard mixed reviews from friends who had visited this restaurant. Everyone said it was good, but a couple said it was good but just crazy expensive , when others said expensive but worth every penny. Honestly, I am beyond glad we went! Yes, it was a splurge, but it was such an amazing meal and dining experience. The service was wonderful, they had lovely music, um the view?!??! I just felt fancy and wonderful being there with my husband. GO! Indulge and get yourself some bubbly when the sparkling cart rolls by! La Sponda Restaurant at Le Sirenuse Hotel  is truly a dining experience and night that I will never forget. 
What We Did

Boat Ride - Yes, you read correctly, Mr. Beau rented a small teeny little boat for the day and we drove around the coast in the sunshine. I was a bit hesitant at first counting that I wasn't sure of his boat skills at all. The boat ride was one of the most memorable days out ever! We brought some fresh berries, some wine and some snacks and went swimming in the ocean and just relaxed. Driving by the mega yachts, we just laughed and said…some day! 
 Hey cute captain! 
Da Adolfo - The beach clubs are hardly like a beach club in Miami, no, not at all. We had been recommended to head to the beach in Positano and catch the red fish boat to Da Adolfo for a day at the beach and restaurant, and we are so happy we did. Make sure to make a reservation so that you can reserve a chair and a lunch table, but other then that, worry about nothing. The spot is located on a small cove around the corner from Positano and its a mix of locals and tourists. Our day went like this: magazine and coffee, swim in the ocean, nap, lunch with wine, nap, repeat! Da Adolfo ROCKS! Casual, run by a family, the menu changes daily and is super fresh, oh if I close my eyes I can taste it and smell the air near the sea now. 

So there you go, Positano! How you can not be charmed by this city, I truly do not know! It is magical in all sorts of the way. Pack your bags and head on over, for your holiday or yes, the perfect spot to explore for your honeymoon. 

xoxo - Becca

Friday, July 25, 2014

I Fancy Friday v. 32

How did this week FLY by?!?! I think I had such a hectic week last week that I am still unwinding from and well, it is FRIDAY again, yippee! I'm looking forward to a little quiet relaxing time this weekend full of starting planning for a sweet fall couple and planning some stylish projects coming up…and, yes, packing for my trip to the States on Wednesday. Wow, what a year it has been! Through all the busy and fun, I found so many great things I fancied this week. Enjoy your Friday! 

1. Midi Pleated Skirt - I've been wanting a midi pleated skirt for months now, and this one is only £22l

2. I've totally been craving something sweet in the morning, I think I will be making this gluten free zucchini bread this weekend for sure! 

3. The perfect pony, I think so! 

4. There is something so simple and so beautiful about these roses. Maybe I will make my way to the flower market this weekend and add these to our table. 

5. Who wants to have a party and serve an ombre doughnut cake? Isn't it fabulous! 

6. I'm heading to the States on Wednesday for one of my besties weddings, isn't this a cute and stylish casual flight outfit!

xoxo- Becca

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Italian Honeymoon : Part 2 : Ravello, Mamma Agata Cooking School

When we asked a few friends that had been to the Amalfi Coast what they wish they would have done while on their honeymoon in Italy, attending Mamma Agata's Cooking School came up a few times. Mr. Beau and I both love to cook and what a better thing to do then cook Italian food in Italy, by the ocean, with wine, in the sunshine, all day, OK! So we booked our spot and only a one and half drive from our hotel we woke up early and drove to Ravello. Mamma Agata's Cooking Class was truly one of the most memorable days ever!  
 The drive to Ravello is certainly a curvy one, but once you arrive it is absolutely STUNNING. The small Italian town is perched on the cliffs looking over the ocean and finding Mamma Agata's was pretty easy. Pretty much everyone in town knows Mamma Agata's and was so friendly to point us in the right direction. Down a small old street, a lady popped her head out of the doorway and knew we were part of class, she so kindly welcomed us into the magical spot that was behind the street, the 250 year old home, farm and cooking school of Mamma Agata. 
 We were greeted with homemade lemon cake and cappuccinos, not a bad way to start the day, could this be every morning? Class runs from 10:00am - 4:00pm, and it was full of relaxing, eating and learning about basic Italian cooking. After watching what I ate so close to the wedding, it was amazing to indulge in a full day of fresh and delicious Italian food! Do not eat a big breakfast, come prepared, ready to eat!
 The view from Mamma Agata's kitchen is AMAZING, right? I do not think I would ever leave the kitchen with a view like this! 
 Mamma Agata herself cooks in the morning session of the class. Mamma has cooked for Jackie Kennedy, Fred Astaire, Richard Burton and Liz Taylor, among many other Hollywood stars. It was lovely to learn some little tricks about Italian cooking that I never knew. Eggplant Parmesan, use skinny Japanese eggplant and squeeezzzzze the water out, a lot! We didn't physically cook as much as watch, listen, taste and enjoy, and you know what, that was just perfect!
 Chiara, Mamma Agata's daughter runs the day and she is just such a delight. Such a lady full of energy and passion about what they do. Chiara runs the course while her mom cooks in the morning and her husband cooks in the afternoon. It was so nice to hear speak of Italian food and the simple ways to make things with so much passion. 
 The eggplant Parmesan was seriously ridiculous amazing. The tomato sauce, so simple, full of tomatoes from their garden and the freshest tasting sauce I've ever had. 
 Between courses we wandered through their gardens, yes, with a glass of wine in hand. The family makes all their own wine, olive oil, grows their own vegetables, fruit, being positioned on a cliff side 100 feet above sea level, it was amazing to see everything that was there. 
 The ingredients for zucchini flower and proscuitto beignets. These little balls of love were so delicious! The perfect addition to a cocktail party, who wants to come over for Italian food soon?
 I knew I would love Chiara when I found out she met Martha Stewart and Martha was in love with her  lemon cake! 
 Homemade Limoncello topped off our day of indulging and learning, it was so perfect! 
 I would highly recommend attending Mamma Agata's class, it was a splurge for sure, but when I say I will never forget the day, it is so true! The view, the food, the people, all of it was lovely. If I could have dinner every evening at Mamma Agata's terrace, I think I would! 

xoxo - Becca

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