Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The last 6 months

It seems like years ago since I wrote this post here , sharing the news of my pregnancy. As you can see I have been a bit quite on the blog front since then. These past few months have been a bit crazy to say the least, but all in a fun and exciting way. We are moving to a new flat next week after living in our place for almost four years, work has been a bit full on with the exciting opening next week, we travelled to Holland with my parents for a week and in the mix I have had a lot of events going on, taking care of myself and getting ready for #babygirlkobus . In the middle of all of this I get home at night and I'm just tired and haven't been able to stay up till midnight to write a post like I use to. However, over the next few weeks when things wind down a bit, I'm so excited to share the posts that have been storing up in my mind. Today I thought I would share what so many people have been asking me, how am I? How am I feeling? How have the last 6 months been! With 29 weeks on the horizon tomorrow, it is crazy to think this little lady will be here in a few months. Planning her nursery {how great is the print below I am loving from Ever After Press}, baby lists, baby bump aerobics, maternity clothes, cravings, tired feet, there has been a lot going! 

How I have been feeling?
I promised not to make my blog a baby blog, but then I realized its my personal site and people have been asking, so hey, I will post as much as you want. I am so lucky to have been able to feel great during my pregnancy. I feel a bit bad talking about it because I have friends who have felt just absolutely terrible, exhausted every day and have had morning sickness for months, luckily I have not. I honestly can say, I have been sick only once. I've continued to exercise and continue on with my normal days, and over the last few weeks have been learning to slow it down a bit, but otherwise I have been ok. I have been sleepy I have to say, 10pm and I'm pretty done for the day, asleep on the couch only 5 minutes into a show, but really, I have felt really well. Over the past few weeks I have just started to feel, well, big, but keep reminding myself that is normal, I think it is just a hard thing to learn during your first pregnancy. 

Have I had cravings? 
Not really! I wish I could tell you that I send Mr. Beau out every night to run and get me a pint of ice cream, but I don't {however that sounds amazing!}. The first few months I really didn't fancy the usual yummy big healthy salads I love that are full of grains and veggies but would way rather have a yummy big sandwich, luckily, that has gone away. We do make a weekly trip to Udderlicious and indulge in homemade amazing delicious ice cream but hey, I'm 6 months pregnant, I think thats ok. If I had to name one thing of a craving, I would say certainly, it would be sweets/desserts, I for sure fancy some cake or a bite of chocolate more then I use to. I have been trying to stay good and not use the old saying of eating for two, because reality is that come September I'll be trying to get that cake off of my post pregnancy bod. I have really been trying to stay positive about the change in my body but it is hard, really hard. Nothing fits, my thighs feel big, my arms feel big, I certainly do not look like one of the movie stars in the their bikinis with just a small bump. Recently I look in the mirror and wonder, whoa, how did my tummy get so big, but I love my bump, makes me happy. So saying that, I'm just trying to be positive, to mentally give good body image thoughts to the little lady arriving and accept that I want a piece of cake, I can have a small one, my body is changing and thats the way of life.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Long or Short Debate

Over the years I have had quite a few different hair do's and hair colors! I had the Rachel cut in middle school {my styling didn't look half like hers!}, I chopped it off in college similar to Gwyneth in Sliding Doors. I've had Angela Chase Cinnaberry hair color, almost full blonde overly highlighted hair and pretty much black hair. The last few years I have kept it really long, wavy and highlighted and I loved it, it grew on me and was hard to decide to cut off. Every year I said, maybe I'll cut it, but then let it grow longer. The ease of throwing it up in a top knot or wearing it messy and long was great! But a few months ago I decided it was time for a big chop, and I cut inches off and had the lob bob I had wanted. It took way less time to style and it did make me feel a little chicer. Ok, loved it, now lets fast forward a few months, do I want to keep it?
 We get so attached to our hair as woman, ok, or is it just me? I mean, it grows back! What do you think? Long long hair or cut it off again?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Paper Party

When you think of paper cups and paper plates for a party, do you have flashbacks of red solo cups from your college get togethers? Plastic red and blue plates from a pizza party in high school? Well let me tell you, paper plates are way cooler then they ever once were!!!! I have discovered so many amazing brands recently that stock the cutest, chic party lines for paper cups and paper plates. If I stopped by a friends house for a get together and these were on their table, I'd say, paper cups, casual party, whatever, these are amazing. SO don't apologize for making the get together easy and using paper products, I say, they are amazing. Here are a few of my favorite paper picks for your next party. 

Happy Celebrating in style....and a WAY easier clean up then washing the dishes! 
xoxo Rebecca 

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Sweet White Table : Dessert Tables

I love the idea of a dessert table! Who doesn't like to head to a party and be welcomed by a beautifully covered, stylish table filled with yummy sweets, I do. A few months ago I put together a little idea of an easy mainly white dessert table with pops of black and pink together with Berinmade and Julie Michaelsen. The idea is that most of these items you can make at home if you want to have a fun element to your child's birthday party or you can also jazz it up with some amazing sweets from London suppliers for your wedding day. 
 With a mix of macarons, sweets from the fabulous Fortnum & Masons, a simple and gorgeous cake from Sugared Saffron the table is such a mix of pretty, simple and yummy! 
 Erin at Berinmade made these adorable donut toppers that would be perfect for Valentine's Day or could be used at an engagement party. So sweet. 
 The backdrop was simple! A canister of helium and lots of clear and white balloons of all sizes. The more the merrier I say. Tape the strings to the back of the table or the floor and it provides an almost cloud like backdrop. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

I Fancy Friday v.53

Even though it has been a short week here in the UK {we get off on Easter Monday!}, the 4 days of being back at work has been long. The sun has finally started to shine and it is SO lovely because it finally feels like Spring is here. It makes being behind my computer all day hard, because really I want to be outside in the sunshine. With a weekend full of flat hunting {oh possibly!}, shoot planning , yoga classes and well, a lot of relaxing for me and Mr. Beau, I can't wait for the weekend to get going. Recently there is not enough time in the day, hour or minute for all of my projects and I just keep reminding myself to enjoy every minute of our time while its just the two of us. Anyone have big plans for the weekend ahead?.... OH yes, along this busy week, I found some things I fancied throughout the week and wanted to share! Happy Friday! xoxo

1. Flower Arrangement - I saw this arrangement on Wedding Sparrow and its just so pretty and makes me look forward to Spring and Summer!

2. A DIY Sparkle Ice Bucket - this is gorgeous, easy and well, I need to make one for a party! 

3. Rose Gold LOVE balloon - I bought this from Pea Green Boat and can't wait to hang it up. 

4. I know I wrote about healthy snacks this week, but what about a 1/2 and 1/2? Freshly popped popcorn mixed with Lucky Charms marshmallows. WOW, this lady needs this as a snack pronto.

5. Books I'm reading and want to read: Lauren Conrad Celebrate, well I just LOVE her styles and since I plan events and she just wrote a book about parties, I thought I should get it. Right? - Since I am a bit over 4 months pregnant I decided its time to start adding some baby books to my reading list. First up, the one most recommended, Bringing Up Bebe. I already love her opinion about French Parenting and I'm still at the beginning.
6. Diamond Shape Glasses - hello beautiful! these "rock" glasses are stunning & fun. 

7. Flower Crown Print - There is just something I love about this print. It makes me happy! 

8. HETI pink studded DUNE flats - So fun right? I'm thinking I need to add these to my spring/summer maternity capsule wardrobe, right? I mean who doesn't need pink flats to jazz up all the black and grey! 

9. Tufted Pink Stool - Can I PLEASE have more room in my office and a reason to convince my husband I need this stool in it! I mean, it would be the perfect place for #siroliveruk to nap, right? ;) 

10. Vogue 100 Years of Style  - This exhibit runs through the end of May. I need to book my tickets to the National Portrait Gallery soon. 

xoxo Becca


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Snacking Healthy

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile now. Once and awhile I instagram  some of my favorite snacks and am always looking for new items to add to my afternoon cravings. After my announcement yesterday I will admit, yes, snacking has always been a thing of mine but during my pregnancy, I am ALWAYS reaching for a mid morning and afternoon snack. Just because I am expecting, I am really trying not to over use that excuse and eat whatever I want. It isn't healthy for me or for the baby. Same goes when I'm not pregnant, a snack is a great thing, but in a healthy portion and not a slice of cake every afternoon, that is not a snack! Below are a few of my favorite snack ideas. I would love to hear any of yours, send them my way!   
 Almond Butter. Yum! I have LONG been a fan of Justin's Almond Butter, the honey and vanilla are my favorites! It is only available on Amazon in the UK, but I often stock up when I'm home in the States. I just discovered this delicious brand Wild Friends that have some amazing flavors; cinnamon, espresso, yum. My local UK favorite is the Pip & Nut brand, the coconut almond is pretty delicious. I like to eat it plain, on some melba toast, or on an apple. You can buy all of these brands in a larger jar but I prefer the individual packet size so they are easy to eat on the go or at my desk. High protein, good fats, perfect. 
I've always been a fan of healthy granola bars and snack bars. Some of these can be absolutely awful for you to eat, more like a candy bar! However if I had a smaller breakfast, I don't mind eating one of these yummy quick healthy options. My favorite US brand are the Luna Bars; lemon, blueberry, smore's and honey salted peanut are all delicious. Gluten free, high fiber, high protein, organic, yum. The Bounce Energy Balls are a UK favorite of mine. I love the peanut and the coconut flavor. I almost feel like it is a dessert in the afternoon! 
 Recently I try to keep a bag of snacks in my purse, I never know when I feel a little queasy and need a quick bite. Almonds are healthy and delicious but can get a little boring. I have been baking some sweet almond treats that are easy and not the worst thing for you to snack on. Cinnamon toasted almonds {I use this recipe} are easy, inexpensive and along with an apple or alone, a great snack. 
An afternoon treat/snack to me is a bit of chocolate. Yes, I will be honest, pregnant me wants to dive into a whole pint of ice cream or grab some macarons, but I know that its not the best for me. I am pretty obsessed with the Oh So mini chocolate bars. Thank goodness they come in individual portions or I would eat way to many of them. No sugar added, low calorie and a variety of flavors. I love the original dark chocolate or the orange. The other option are the dark chocolate covered rice cakes at Itsu, my treat. Each cake is only 80 calories, I try to eat one or two and put the last one away for the next day but you know how that works sometimes, I said I try. You can also get them at Pret, love love love these! 

I would love to hear how you switch it up. Are you a big snacker like me? A few more "healthy me" ideas are over on Pinterest. Do let me know if you try any of these! 

xoxo Rebecca

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fun Changes!

Hi everyone! I know I've been a little quiet on the blog front. Well, hey, I'm back now! In case you missed my little announcement over on Instagram, I've got some fun and big changes happening in my life. Me and Mr. Beau are having a baby! Yep, correct, a little bebe. I am currently 17 weeks along and our little one is due at the end of the summer in August. I can't even begin to say how lucky we are and how lucky I am that so far, I have been feeling absolutely fine. I feel terrible when I speak to other expectant mom's who tell me how sick they have been the entire time. I know I am lucky to say, I have truly felt pretty great these past four months. My slow down on the blog has really been related to my only thing that has effected me, which is that I've been pretty tired. I get home at around 8, eat dinner and sitting at my computer makes me fall asleep! With a long weekend behind me, I put together a big list of things to do and am trying to manage it all with little stress and still manage to get some relaxing me time in. On my list is maintaining the blog and also making sure it does not become a baby blog. I am going to continue writing about London, party ideas, places we travel, etc. There will be a little bit of bebe sprinkled in, don't you worry. 
We are going to find out if the little one is a boy or a girl. I know so many people who do not, but I feel like knowing makes it more real, I can talk about he or she like a little person. We find out in three weeks and I can't wait. I'm nervous, not going to lie, so much unexpected ahead. Do we stay in our flat, do we move, will I be a good mom, what do we need to prepare, etc. there is so much. But right now I am just trying to enjoy what so many people recommend to me, these few months of me time and Mr. Beau time. I can't wait until the end of August to meet this little one, but I also do not want to rush it all to fast! 

Any London baby advice send it my way. Any good books, good maternity sales/shops, send them my way! Thank you for all of you who have sent me sweet little notes. They make me smile! I will be back now writing, see you soon! 

xoxo Rebecca

*calligraphy on onesie by Judy Broad Calligraphy and printed by Studio Mama's
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