Thursday, May 7, 2015

Featured On: b.loved blog

A couple of months ago I hosted one of friends here in London bridal shower at my flat. I was excited to celebrate with her and to also plan a little extra sparkly affair for the bride to be! With a little glitter from Glimmer & Threads, a couple of DIY projects {homemade doughnuts, flower arranging, bride to be crown making} and a few fabulous professionals Kylee Yee Photography, Judy Broad Calligraphy and Cakey Coo, the afternoon was full of sparkle and fun! I am so excited to have it featured on the lovely blog of b.loved! Check it out HERE
{thank you Kylee Yee Photography for the beautiful photos!} 

Doing what I love! Arranging flowers, planning and styling events! I am available for wedding planning and any type of celebration planning! Contact me HERE. 
xoxo - Rebecca

Feeling Good: ClassPass comes to London

A few months ago I was talking to my girlfriend in the States and she was telling me about all of these workouts she had tried out; pilates, yoga, circuit training. I was a bit jealous not going to lie. I love my workout that I do, it is tough, it works and it is so convenient, however, I have been wanting to try out some new classes. Some workouts however can be so expensive to try, fall in love with and then want to attend, it adds up. When she told me about ClassPass  I was pretty jealous that it didn't exist in London. The concept is that you can attend unlimited classes all over the city for a monthly membership, at any studios that are members {and there are TONS}, but a max of three times at each studio. OK, love the idea. Well, ladies….. I am psyched to share that ClassPass has now landed here in London and well, lets just say, I am hooked! 

I was lucky enough to give ClassPass a month trial this past month and well, like I said, I love it and its got me hooked. Mr. Beau and I are trying for a marathon this upcoming Fall and I have been wanting to change up my workouts a bit more, add in some yoga, some pilates and challenge myself to stretch, tone, relax a bit. I decided to try and dive in to as many classes as I could in a month with being realistic of my schedule and time. The outcome was amazing, I fell in love with two studios and would truly recommend it to anyone. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dining in London : Bob Bob Ricard

My list of must visit restaurants in London continues to grow daily. There are SO many amazing places to eat in this city and it seems that every day a new spot is opening up,  it makes my list of must try restaurants continually growing. For the past two years I have had Bob Bob Ricard high at the top of my must visit restaurants. It could have been their famous Press For Champagne that first steered me into the restaurant {you think!}. It could have been the fact that the restaurant has pink everywhere and is a beyond glamorous spot for an evening out. Every time I see it appear on Instagram and even Pinterest I get so excited and can't wait to press the button on my own. Either way, Mr. Beau and I treated ourselves to an evening out and yes, I loved it! 
 This year for Lent I gave up all meat and chocolate for 40 days and 40 nights. I actually was ok about it and didn't mind giving up meat so much. However, I would be a complete liar to say that the thought of having a nice indulgent filet didn't get me hungry. To end the Easter weekend, I made Mr. Beau and I a reservation at Bob Bob Ricard to dive into a big steak and sip on champagne. Yes, it was pricey and indulgent, but I will admit, it was worth it. We had such a nice night out at Bob Bob Ricard !

Friday, April 24, 2015

I Fancy Friday v. 45

Yep, Friday, my favorite! After a long week behind me, I am heading of to a hen do {aka, American Bachelorette Party!} this weekend in Bath and couldn't be more excited for a little escape. An escape from my computer, a getaway from my desk, from London and a little time to unwind. It has been an amazing week that started with a collaboration that has my creative juices flowing and my business hat on, but also one that has left me a little sleepy! Throughout the week I have found a few things I fancied and had to share them with you. Happy weekend everyone! xoxo - Becca

1. Poppy Field Dress - I am loving this dress by Lauren Conrad's Paper Crown Line and Rifle Paper for Anthropologie. Lovely isn't? I think I need it for when I go on holiday! 

2. Let's Party Balloon - Found this adorable balloon and now I need to plan a party around it! 

3. Bright Dog Toys - I think the mint green bowl has Sir Oliver's name written all over it! 

4. You Me Capri MILLY tshirt for Kohls- My sister forwarded me this new US collaboration and I couldn't be more in love with this tshirt. We went on our honeymoon to the magical island of Capri and this tshirt is needed in my life. 

5. I'm on the Hunt for some new sneaks. Aren't these gold ones cute? Superga Gold

6. DIY Tzatziki Yogurt - I love this dip! It is healthy, fresh, light and EASY! Check out this post for more healthy recipes. 
7. Oh Happy Day Ribbon by la Happy - Do not know what I need it for, but I love it! A perfect addition to your wedding day, baby born? Birthday! adorable! 

8. The Girl On Train Book - OH. M. GEEEE! Looking for a new book, read this one! Wow, it is fab! If you liked Gone Girl, you will love this, it is such a page turner! 

9. Minted Pining for Pineapple - I think our flat needs a framed pineapple, why not! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Weather Outside Is Delightful

Spring is here! The sun has been shining in London for over a week and the flowers are blooming, everywhere! This time of year in London it feels like such a different city then the past five months. The sunshine seems to make everyone a bit happier and you can not help but smile when you see pretty tree lined streets full of cherry blossoms and pretty flowers. While it may not be hot Florida weather, a little sunshine on my face makes me happier for sure. I can not help snapping photos of the cherry blossom, hyacinth, daffodils, wisteria and all of the other beautiful blooms around London everywhere I go. I had to share a few pics of this beautiful city with you today! Happy Spring! I hope this weather stays around for a wee bit longer….please. xoxo - Rebecca

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Becca's Finds: Bombay Duck

I love sharing new finds and new companies I find whether in London, in the States or online. Recently I discovered this amazing online shop, Bombay Duck, and knew I had to share it with my readers. This begins a new series, Becca's Finds.
I discovered Bombay Duck when planning my friend Christa's bridal shower {soon to be featured on b.loved blog!} I love that their tag line is, Making Every Day a Little More Fabulous...hello, I was meant to love this shop! From polka dot teapots {which I served cocktails in}, to adorable pom poms, cute luggage tags, amazing teacups, this shop is a perfect spot when looking for a gift or adding a little special touch to your next party!
{image by Kylee Yee photography}

A few of my favourite finds below from the site:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rebecca's Recipes : Eating All Veggie

For the past few weeks {40 days over Lent to be exact} I was a vegetarian. OK, I will be honest, I did add in a little fish to my diet, so I guess a pescatarian, really. Mostly though my diet has been veggies and grains and I am not going to lie, I didn't mind it at all. I have always loved an abundance of greens and fresh vegetables added to my every day meals, whether it was salads for lunch, sides of greens added to dinner, I have always thought I could live a pretty big amount of my life as a part vegetarian. So I tried it out over Lent and was surprised that I did pretty well. My skin was a bit clearer, I felt a bit more full of energy, my one tip is, be careful what you eat and do not stock up on just carbs carbs carbs. 
Over the past few months I have found some delicious recipes that I had to share. If you are looking to add more veggies to your diet, doing a little detox of meats, processed foods or if you just want to add some new fresh recipes to your diet, I would suggest these recipes below: 

Deliciously Ella Coconut Curry - wow. This recipe had enough servings for almost a week for Mr. Beau and I. It is creamy and SO delicious. You will not miss out on having any type of meat dish with this meal. 

Green Kitchen Stories Ribollita - We made this on a cold winter Sunday which was so lovely and comforting, high recommended. Pretty simple to make and pretty filling and great. 

Green Kitchen Stories Orange & Vanilla Overnight Oats - In their cookbook they have a variety of recipes for overnight oats. I have been making them weekly and adding them to the fridge to enjoy all week.

The Kitchen McCabe Roasted Butternut Squash and Quinoa Salad - A simple recipe that I made on a Sunday and enjoyed for lunch throughout the week. Butternut squash and dried cranberries are a classic dish but always on my list of favs. 

Warm Brown Rice with Cherries and Goat Cheese  - I have yet to make this dish, however it has been on my Pinterest boards of recipes to try. I have a thing for brown rice right now. yep. I do. 

Courgette Pasta with Avocado Cream - Courgette pasta has become quite the thing hasn't it. Well, I can see why, it is easy to make and pretty darn good and oh right, it is SO healthy! 

Happy Cooking! Let me know if you change up your diet for awhile and how it goes. I did splurge on a guilty dinner at Bob Bob Ricard and had Beef Wellington, ok ok, I did, but mostly I have been sticking still to a majority of veggie meals, and its oh so good! 

Happy Cooking! xoxo - Rebecca

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