Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My blooming DREAM wardrobe

These past few months I have been itching to add some new things to my wardrobe. I may be jinxing us, but hopefully the winter weather is on its way out and Springtime is arriving soooooon, please! Either way, I feel like it is spring because so many of the items I am dying to add to my closet are full of pretty blooming flowers. From cute shoes to floral print dresses, adding a little flower print anytime of the year, is bound to make you happy! Happy Shopping! xoxo 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Life: Non Negotiables

Non Negotiables. You are thinking, huh? Well I thought I would write a little personal post today to get away from event planning, wedding, fashion, etc. posts for the day. Recently life has been busy. Yes, I know I mention it often and we all seem to live very busy lives; we have partners, kids, full time jobs, part time jobs, other projects, etc. Once and I awhile I have a wee bit of a breakdown to Mr. Beau about just how much there is to do and how I just need a little more time. The other day I remembered a blog post I read somewhere {I have searched and searched and can not find it!!!} about creating non negotiables in your life. Things that no matter how busy you are, just can not get put to the back. Life is busy and I have realized, you know what, it isn't slowing down. But I have realized also that some things can wait an hour, a day, etc. to make time for the things that I just will not put off in my life…
Time with Mr. Beau {aka, my husband!} and Sir Oliver. I have photo shoots I am planning on the weekend, dates with friends, etc. however no matter what, walks in the park, dinner out and dates with these two I am not pushing to the back. The blog post can wait,but the beautiful Sunday afternoon spent with them can not. 
Time with friends and family. I may live thousands of miles away from my friends and sisters in the States, however, any chance I get with them there or my friends here, I will take! Recently I am taking more time to myself at nights, however a scheduled girlfriend date scheduled in the calendar over the month is something to look forward to. I've scheduled in Monday nights for myself and won't make a date then, but I know that meeting up with my friends always makes me a happier Rebecca! Now I just need to schedule it in a bit more but it is still important in my book.

Friday, March 27, 2015

I Fancy Friday v. 44

Oh my, a HUGE TGIF today! Thank goodness is right! I'm exhausted and feeling a bit run down today. I woke up so tired that I couldn't event bring myself to get out on a run, my legs just didn't want to move. The weekend ahead is full of some free time and I can not wait! I'm in much need of some downtime with Sir Oliver and Mr. Beau and am truly looking forward to it. There has been so much going on right now that a weekend without 101 plans sounds like a treat. I need a little time to make some lists, reflect on some things going on with me professionally and create some things for some upcoming projects. YAY for Friday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Let me leave you now with a bit of fancy from the week! xoxo Becca
1. Deco Dot Midi Skirt - Anthrolpologie  - I think I may treat myself to some afterwork shopping today. I've had my eye on this amazing skirt, how can you NOT love the dots! 

2. Bob Bob Ricard - Ring the bell for champagne! Yipppeee! After almost 40 days of not eating meat, I have made a reservation for Mr. Beau and I to eat fancy burgers and drink champagne. I've been dying to get here! 

3. Coconut Collaborative Raspberry Snow Coconut Frozen Yoghurt - OMG! This stuff is amazing. Delicious and dairy free. Seriously, you must buy some today. 

4. Swing Dress in Scuba - I'm thinking about purchasing this more an upcoming hen do weekend I'm attending. It looks comfy, cute and affordable. I love a little ruffle and a one shoulder!

5. Yellow Pineapple Lamp - I can't take my eye off of this lamp. How amazing would this be at my desk, I mean really, adorable. 

6. Class Pass - HAVE YOU HEARD of this amazing concept?!?! It just arrive in London and I can't wait to try it out. I'm trying out a month long membership after Easter and I'm psyched. You can attend classes all over the city at some of the best workouts, but only 3 times a month, but that is great no! Check it out. I'll have more details next week.

7. Daylesford Chocolate Eggs - Not only did I give up meat for Lent, I also gave up chocolate. The look of these "eggs" in the cart look decadent and adorable. 

8. Sparkling Sorbet Float - My cocktail choice for the weekend. 

9. A Party Without A Cake Print - Need I say more. This print belongs on the wall in our flat. 

10. The Mrs. Sweatshirt - While this shirt may be cheesy, I kind of love it in a way!

Happy weekend everyone! Thank goodness its here! xoxo - Becca

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Sir Oliver!

Today our little furry ball of love turns FOUR! Sir Oliver is moving up in the world, so in dog years he is 28???? WHAT! Four years ago when we brought him home I had no idea how much fun we would have as pet owners. OK, I know, we do not have any children yet, so we treat our sweet little puppy like our child, however, seriously, he provides SO much fun and cuddles and kisses and it is true, they are your best friend! Happy Birthday buddy! We love you Sir Oliver! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Notes from the Weekend

The weekend was lovely. It was such a busy week last week, that Friday night and Saturday came and went before I knew it, but all the same it was a really great weekend! I often am on such a "go, go, go" schedule that I find myself constantly picking up, cleaning, emailing, blogging, scheduling get togethers, etc. that I do not spend time on the weekend relaxing. Sunday, after a fun but busy Friday and Saturday, I actually took a little nap on the couch, we had a great Sunday lunch with friends, read a magazine and cooked up a storm for the rest of the week, it was so lovely. Now here we are again, Monday, the beginning of the week ahead, but with another busy one ahead, looking back at the weekend will make me excited for the next weekend soon! Anybody else have a good weekend????
Friday night I was at home prepping and setting up for the bridal shower I hosted at our flat Saturday. It was SO much fun! I can not wait to share more pictures that the amazing Kylee Yee captured, but for now you can see sneaks on my Instagram account. Above is a photo of just a few of the flowers I was prepping for the party, I loved finally using our Butler stand…bar stand this weekend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

printed.com Wedding Collection - Giveaway

When I first moved to London I was looking for the nearest Kinko's, to print out projects I was working on for my bridesmaids. I was sad to find out that there was no convenient 24/7 printing shop that had good quality paper and printing ranges. I felt like my only option was the local stationery shop that would print on regular printer paper in black and white. Then as we started planning and designing all of the details I begin to miss the convenience of Kinko's more and more. I wish I had know about the site I am sharing with you today, printed.com! The easiest, convenient and affordable way to print so many wedding stationery projects. 

Listen, I am a HUGE advocate for using professionals when it comes to planning your big day, but if you are on a budget and want to spend more money on paying someone to design your stationery and can possibly save a little to print it, I say…go for it! Things start to really add up during wedding planning, and saving money on printing place cards and table numbers can be a huge help. printed.com has made it beyond easy for you to upload images, select from a lovely range of textured papers, envelopes and even metallics,  have them printed and delivered to your doorstep. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Polka Dots & Peggy Porschen : An Afternoon Coffee Date

A couple of weeks ago I met up with a wedding industry friend, Maxeen Kim , for a cup of coffee {OK a few!} and a nice catch up. Life is so busy that sometimes an afternoon of indulgence of beautiful and delicious cupcakes, hot cups of coffee {forget the tea} and a couple of hours of girlfriend chit chat are just what everyone needs. Maxeen and I had talked about getting together for awhile, but when the location of a cute tea place came into the idea, I recommended Peggy Porschen in Belgravia because, well, there couldn't be a cuter, more girly, sweet treat spot.
 If you have not been to Peggy's parlor in Belgravia you MUST MAKE A VISIT! The pink corner shop on beautiful Elizabeth Street is a must. Peggy Porschen is an amazing cake designer in London, creating everything from iced sugar cookies, mini cakes to amazingly gorgeous bespoke wedding cakes. I for one am a HUGE fan of the Patisserie Cake Collection! Brides to be check her out!
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