Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Simple Soiree : Movie Night at Home

Last week I found an old box of pictures from college and one made me smile so much and remember a fun simple night with my friends. Senior year when I lived in an apartment with two best friends, instead of heading out to the bars one night, instead of getting all dressed up, we stayed in, velour sweatpants suits on and made root beer floats, popped popcorn, read gossip magazines and watched tons of movies. While those girlfriends of mine now live on the other side of the pond, thousands of miles away, I found myself longing for one of those nights in with friends. In part of my  Simple Soiree posts, I thought a movie night in would be a perfect get together no matter how old or young you are! A few friends, pillows on the couch, easy yummy food, little bottle of bubbly, homemade milkshakes and some of your favorite Oscar winning movies! Add a little glitz and glam to your paper plates and cups, and voila, you have a soiree! 

1. Don't have enough couch space for friends to come over? Lay some blankets and pillows on the floor and instantly, more movie seating. Velvet Cushion Cover & West Elm Mongolian Cushion Cover

2. Don't set up the entire bar. Offered mini bottles of champagne and something non alcoholic and bubbly, along with a homemade float! These are Root Beer Float Shots, the perfect size. 

3. Offer a spread of sweets and savories. You can buy pre made Waitrose Mini Hamburger which are the perfect size for a party. Make a big batch of Coconut Popcorn served in Popcorn Boxes, movie candy, Sweet & Salty Pretzel Mix and you won't be up and down in the kitchen all night. Make easy recipes! 

4. Glam paper party items - Gold Scalloped Paper Cup , Gold Plates ,Gold Paper Straws 
Peach Blossom

5. Some of my Award winning choices: Roman Holiday, Chicago, Slumdog Millionaire, The Kings Speech. Ooh I can't WAIT to see the awards this year! 

xoxo Rebecca

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dogs in London

I get a lot of comments and questions when we have Sir Oliver out and about in London. Oh right, in case you do not know {hello! he is like our son!} #siroliveruk is my 4 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd. Our dog gets pretty out and about in the city and last night when we were on the tube with him and the girl next to him commented "If I was a dog I would totally want you as parents. Posh dog, lucky guy." haha. The comment totally made me laugh. It got me to thinking how often we have people comment that it is great how many places we can take him, how we do bring him everywhere, how often people email me and ask me about moving their dogs to the UK. I thought a little blog post about having a dog in the London would be a fun thing to share and hopefully a bit of advice for some of you. Moving Sir Oliver to London is still one of my highest viewed posts. So here goes, a little London dog owner advice: 

Friday, January 15, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 52

Maybe it is still because it is the beginning of the year. My days are filled with tons of to-do's to check off the list, lots of goals and plans for the days ahead and maybe that is why the week has flown by. Whatever way it is, I'm glad to see it is FRIDAY! yay! We have plans for the weekend to head to see some of the Lumiere festival in London, check out a spot I've been DYING to try {hopefully!} and finally check out the big movie, Star Wars and squeeze in some relaxing time. Over the past week I have found so many amazing things around the Internet and wanted to share. The things I fancy...happy Fancy Friday everyone. Have a nice weekend! 

1. Did you see Mish Bush over on Love My Dress! WOW! The article she wrote is amazing and her engagement pictures are pretty absolutely stunning! {image by Nick Turner}

2. Baby Girl Shower - Sarah Tucker and her friends threw one of their besties the cutest baby shower! I mean, some day, some day, I would dream of having a water color flamingo crest at my shower. HOW sweet this is! 

3. The No Recipe Curry - looking for a recipe for the weekend that is delicious and easy...this is it. 

4. Sparkle water bottle - yes. are you surprised I love this water bottle!!!! 

5. le salon app - Don't want to adventure outside in the ice cold for a mani pedi? I used Le Salon App for an at home manicure recently and it was LOVELY. I didn't even have to leave my flat to have pretty nails. 

6. Party Girl & Sweet Girl  - Chick Lit, I have to be honest, I'm still a fan. These books are super cute, super fun and an easy quick read. Party girl was a fav to read since I work in the same industry, it gave me a good giggle. I can't wait for the third to come out! 

7. Being Boss, A Podcast - I was recommended this creative business podcast this week and am really loving it. So many different themes with business, marketing, goals, add it to your list. I love listening to it on the tube, on my walk to work, lunch break, huge podcast fan.

8. Michelle Edgemont Ombre Placemat Pad - How cute are these placemats by Michelle Edgemont? Loving them for my next together! Check out her whole line, she has created some pretties. 

9. ASOS Sparkle Heels - Under £50 and fun. I want to add these fun sparkly shoes to my closet for my next night out! 

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo Rebecca

Monday, January 11, 2016

Healthy Eating

OK, I know, it is the new year and everyone is on the healthy kick, blah blah blah! Luckily, I would say, I'm usually pretty healthy. I exercise and lots of veggies and enjoy cooking healthy, however, every year when December comes around, I do tend to overindulge in cookies and sweets and bubbly. January comes around and I know I am not the only one who is craving more greens and all over healthy dishes. These past few weeks I have spent Sunday afternoon heading to our local green grocer and cooking up a storm of delicious recipes to enjoy throughout the week. I have found that planning my meals has been easier to stick with in eating healthy. I thought I would share a few of my favorites if you were looking for some inspiring healthy dishes. Go out and stuff your kitchen with brown rice, spinach, avocados, kale, sweet potatoes and all the healthy yumminess. Enjoy!
There is something I love about making a bowl size portion of meals, it is just enough and usually fast and easy to prep.
I am going to try out these yummy Power Bowls on Camille Styles

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Best of 2015!

It seems like so long ago that I wrote this post here about goals for the past year. The past twelve months have been a lot of hard work and goal setting but also a lot of excitement and fun brought along with them. From starting a new business, running the New York City marathon with my husband, planning some memorable events in London to celebrating our first anniversary in Paris, the year has been full of some absolutely memorable occasions. I thought I would take this post to reflect back on the fun year 2015 was before moving full speed ahead into this year. 
2015 started out for me with no resolutions, but goals instead. Goals to enjoy life a bit more, really move forward with my own business and take a bit more "me" time. I organized a super fun Afternoon Tea at Sketch with some amazing bloggers I have gotten to know well and had such a nice time catching up with industry ladies. I always find it extremely important to create a community of like minded people around you in your work and this group of ladies is pretty fabulous I have to say!
I continued sharing guest posts from some amazing Working Women that I am inspired by. From The Lovely Drawer Guest Post, Quill London, Lamplighter London and Charlotte Mills Bridal, it was exciting to share their ideas and stories on business.

I was beyond honored to be featured over on B.Loved blog about my career, see it here. Speaking of career, this year had me juggling my new business, my events planning job and the blog, it was a lot to learn how to juggle but is getting better every day. I was SO excited at the end of January to introduce the new business, Glimmer & Threads.
 After a year before of hectic planning for our wedding and starting the business, I reminded myself of some of life's non negotiable, taking time out. Still nothing makes me happier then a morning with my Mr. Beau and Sir Oliver, getting to be with my family or see all of my girlfriends for the weekend. The non negotiable in life!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ringing in NYE 2015 at Home!

I have been a bit quiet around here this past week, since taking some time off before Christmas, I have really truly just been relaxing! Mr. Beau and I stayed in London for Christmas. My in laws visited and we ate a lot, went to Westminster Abbey for Christmas Eve service, drank lots of yummy champagne, did some shopping, went to see the Nutcracker, took a long walk, all in all, it was a nice Christmas. I missed my family in the States a lot, but the thought of not having to deal with Christmas travel was quite nice. Now that Christmas has flashed by, it is time to ring in the New Year ahead of and with some style! With such a fun filled busy year behind us, I think we may be celebrating at home with lots of bubbly and confetti at our own place. A few weeks ago I put together a few ideas on entertaining at home and added in lots of sparkle from West Elm and styled it with lots of glitter from me. 
Just because you are hosting a small at home party, does NOT mean your guests should not dress in sparkles and dance the night away! Jennifer with Jennifers Paper made me the pretty NYE invites to make the small get together a bit more formal and get guests excited. 
 I put together little bags for guests to bring home that included: homemade espresso doughnuts, chocolate champagne bottles, notepads to write down your dreams & wishes for 2016 and of course sparkly noisemakers for the bash! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Hour : Winter Spice Fizz

What a week I have had! I can tell you now, I can't wait to have a cocktail and celebrate the Christmas season! With a HUGE event behind me and lots of work going on with Glimmer & Threads  I am so ready for a break today and to take in the holidays!!! A couple of weeks ago I made some homemade citrus mulling syrup and created a cocktail with it. It is such an easy recipe, its tasty and it makes your home smell delicious! The beautiful Maxeen Kim was there to capture the pictures with yummy gingerbread cookies mixed into the afternoon. Find the recipe below. I hope that you find a little time over the next few days to make yourself a cocktail and toast the holiday season. 
Citrus Mulling Syrup 

250g of granulated sugar
2 oranges halved
6 whole cloves
6 whole allspice
2 cinnamon sticks
1/4 nutmeg grated
fresh ginger sliced

1. Put all of the ingredients in a saucepan with 1 Litre of water and bring slowly to a simmer. 
2. Make sure all ingredients have completely dissolved, allowing it to boil and turn down the heat. 
3. Allow to simmer for latest 20 minutes, longer to keep a delicious smell in your kitchen! 
4. Remove from heat to cool. Once cooled completed put it through a very fine sieve. 
5. Add a tablespoon of syrup, top with champagne and garnish with a sliced apple. 

 I think the mulling syrup also works as a great gift for a host. Bottle some syrup up and add the bottle with a bottle of champagne and tie a little recipe around the bag, voila. 

 Cheers! Merry Christmas! xoxo - Rebecca

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