Monday, January 26, 2015

Notes from the Weekend

So here we are, Monday morning, eeekk! Did everyone have a good weekend? I have a bit of a full on week ahead and I have to be honest, my weekend was lovely. I really tried to block out the week ahead and starting Friday night, I just enjoyed it. Friday night we ended up staying in with our friends next door {yes, we have lovely amazing neighbors that are our friends = lucky us!} and drinking wine and catching up. Saturday Mr. Beau and I headed to Hampstead Heath with our friends and yesterday I met up with my wedding florist and friend Jay for coffee and then met Mr. Beau for a late lunch at the British Museum. Wow. With a sprinkle of project work here and there, it was a usual full on weekend for us, but fun. The week ahead is looking a bit tough and full on, I'm just crossing my fingers that all my events go off with a success and well….my big launch gets covered in confetti;) More on that tomorrow. Cheers to the week ahead! 
I am totally obsessed with this new shirt my sister sent me! Pop Fizz Clink Tshirt is adorable!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Fancy Friday Guest Post : The Lovely Drawer

Happy Friday! What another crazy week it has been, my oh my, I am so glad to see you Friday! Dinner with a girlfriend tonight, a long walk in Hampstead Heath with friends and a catch up with the lovely Jay Archer are all on my list this weekend, yay! For today however today I'm taking a break from the blog and letting a lovely London blogger friend take over the Fancy for today! I think it is quite fitting that the Fancy Friday blogger today is actually truly quite lovely….its Teri with The Lovely Drawer! Lovely! Enjoy! 
A few things Teri has fancied throughout the week: 

1. Decorative Clay BellsA DIY I’ve been meaning to try mainly because of my obsession with fimo.

2. Feature WallA feature wall made of framed leaves. Such a nice way to bring the outside in.

3. NecklacePyrite necklace. Oh so pretty.

4. Angies Little Food Shop - This spot just opened in Chiswick and has the most amazing salads.  

5. Chic Black Suede Panel Backpack - Perhaps the most useful accessory!

6. Dried FlowersDried flower make for an easy an purse-kind way to fill your home with flowers in winter. I want to give it a try! 

 7. This gorgeous new planner for the new year! 

8. Print - A gorgeous print to bring a dash of colour to the walls. 

I am so glad that Teri's and my path crossed at the Blogtacular event last year. When I met Teri she had just taken the jump and gone out on her own with her blog and her design business. Over the last year it has been really fun to see this sweet and super creative lady grow into her beautiful space at The Lovely Drawer.  Teri is a designer, illustrator, stylist, crafter, originally trained in print and surface pattern design she now runs her own business from her lovely little flat doing graphic design, wedding stationery, branding, illustration and graphic design, she's a wonder woman! 

From Printable to Bespoke wedding stationery, Teri designs such pretty things. I love her pretty but clean look to her designs. I mean how pretty is this lovely little set above! 

It was so fun to go to Teri's flat for brunch a few months ago and see her home. Seeing someones flat tells you so much about a person right! Teri and her husband live in this adorable flat that is filled with light and it was so simply but oh so pretty styled. I think I have 101 things to learn from her place compared to our clutter filled flat! 

And if you are looking for DIY projects, The Lovely Drawer is an amazing blog for you. I'm in love with the escort card display above and the simplest advent calendar made from a branch is so amazingly easy and DIY and I love it. 

Seriously if you are looking for some inspiration for pretty filled things; stationery, recipes, DIY projects, Teri has it! I seriously love seeing her Instagram photos because she has this really lovely way of taking simple things and making them so pretty! Thank you Teri for sharing your fancy finds today with everyone. I loved sharing your site with all of my readers! 

The Lovely Drawer: Pinterest | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

xoxo - Becca

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wedding Wednesday : Our wedding in a magazine

Last weekend our wedding was published in the national US wedding magazine, The Knot. I have to be honest and silly and admit, it was really fun to see it in a magazine. Listen, I AM the girl who has been reading wedding magazines all of her life. So to open up a magazine and relive the most beautiful day ever, was so much fun. The photos from Abby are gorgeous, the flowers from Jay  and all of the lovely little details we put together looked beautiful.
The spread is only a few pages long, but after spending over a year and a half planning our wedding, it is exciting to see printed in pages. I LOVE the Internet, hello, I am a blogger. I find so much inspiration from bloggers and Pinterest and Instagram and all over the web, however, being able to see such a special memory in print is so special. Knowing that my 92 year old Gramie will able to flip through the pages and see snips of our day makes me happy. 
Some people think it is funny and wonder why you would want to share your wedding day all over the world, such a personal day. Hey, I want to spread the love! Our wedding day was such a fabulous celebration of Mr. Beau and my many years together, our friends and family and I only hope every bride and groom can take a bit of inspiration from us. We planned the majority of our wedding by ourselves and to see the work in a magazine that I can flip through is exciting. 
For me, not only is this feature about our wedding day memories but it is also makes me smile as I step out on a new adventure of my life, career and new business with Glimmer & Threads . My new business is something that has been in the works for so many years and seeing our wonderful wedding day come together, makes me want to do it for so many other couples as well! So to see all of the work and details that I spent so long putting together in a magazine made me excited and proud. Proud of what I'm trying to create and proud of all of the time Mr. Beau and I stayed up late putting things  together for our big day, it was perfect. 

I will be sharing all of the photos in the next months with lots of little thoughts on my biggest advice to enjoy your wedding day like I enjoyed ours! If you are in the States, pick up a copy of the National The Knot issue to see the whole spread! I'm contemplating putting my dress on again and flipping through the pages on the couch;) 

xoxo - Becca

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Bordeaux France

I have one of those busy weeks ahead of me, where all I want to do is curl up in bed and stay there or get on a plane and fly away? How about I just daydream of flying away for now? A few months ago I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Bordeaux France. The experience was beautiful, amazing and filled with so many of the regions best wineries. I thought I would share the photos with you today as a little travel inspiration or daydreaming moment! The town of Saint-Emilion was so picturesque, I could picture one amazing wedding taking place there, along with some of the amazing vineyards. Anybody interested, just let me know! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Leopard Coat and a bunch of Pink Tulips

I can not tell you how much I truly treasure the weekends, seriously. We have such busy schedules and we run around the city throughout the week, that once the weekend arrives, I just want to relax and explore the city in a non hectic way. I have mentioned before how much I love Columbia Flower Market, truly one of my favorite London spots. Last weekend we woke up to a bright and sunny {but SO windy and cold} day and decided to take a walk down to Hoxton to go to the market. I snapped some pics along the way and had to share the bundles of bright flowers that made the busy week ahead a little brighter with bright flowers throughout our flat. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Notes from the Weekend

Good morning! Every Monday comes around and I will be honest, I always think, really, how is it Monday! With my personal to do list forever growing and the weather outside this morning being awful, it truly makes me want to stay in bed. Oh well, Monday it is, time to go out and get things done. We had a nice weekend in London relaxing and wandering through some of our favorite local spots. Shops, bars, flower markets, London is simply a great place to be! 

Ever been to Aria? Aria is such a cool home store right off of Upper Street. I feel in love with all of the Jonathan Adler mugs, we may need to add one to our cupboard. The Aria store alone is a beautiful looking spot.

Friday, January 9, 2015

I Fancy Friday v. 39

Thank goodness Friday is here, hooray! yay! This has been a hard week getting back into the swing of things. I've got a couple big events I am planning at work but I'm just not feeling charged up this week. Maybe it is the yucky rainy weather and the dark days. Or maybe I am just so focused on my other goals  that my days seem to last FOREVER until I get home and start my "other job" of 101 projects that come today, I'm exhausted. Tonight I am getting together with girlfriends and the rest of the weekend Mr. Beau and I will be doing some redecorating and relaxing, much needed. Happy weekend to you! I hope you find some time to find some things you fancied throughout the week like I did. Have a nice weekend….make it fancy! 

1. Stephanie Sterjovski Pink Dress - How cute is this pink dress and leopard coat combination? Outfit crush! 

2. Chicken Avgolemono - This soup is on my cooking list this weekend. It seems healthy, comforting and pretty delicious. 

3. Sketch London - Can somebody please go to afternoon tea here with me? Pink, puffy seats, fashionable tea, Sketch has been on my go to list and I'm dying for an afternoon date. 

4. Shade Garden Leggings - So these leggings are about the prettiest workout leggings ever. How fancy would I feel at the gym with garden print leggings from Anthro. 

5. I have been listening to a lot of Pod casts lately- On my list are Serial, The Lively Show , Smart Creative Women when I ride the tube and its too crowded to hold a book, when I'm cooking dinner or walking to work, I love listening to these pod casts. Some are inspirational, some are an addicting story {hello Serial!}, but I would love to hear if you have any you love as well. Pod casts are such a nice break from music during the day as well! 

6. Glitter Jar by Jonathan Adler - I know this isn't new, but something tells me that I need this on my desk so that I can sprinkle myself with glitter everyday when I'm feeling like I need a little more pep. 

7. Lilly Pulitzer for Target  - I may not live in Florida anymore, but a little Lilly print still makes this girls heart beat. Flamingos, palm trees, oh my! I will be signing in online in April to purchase some new colorful pieces. PSYCHED for this collaboration and another reason WHY WE NEED TARJAY IN LONDON #bringtargettotheUK ! 

8. Calligraphy Class - A few weeks ago I took a Quill LondonLamplighter London course at West Elm. Let's just say I will not be writing out all of your wedding invites anytime soon, but with 30 minutes practice here and there, I am getting better. It was such a fun and something different to do, as well as something I've wanted to learn in a long time. I would highly recommend signing up for one of these courses! 

Happy Friday! xoxo - Rebecca

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