Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Out & About With A Baby

I can not believe Fleur is already four months old! Crazy how time is flying! I remember before Fleur was born I envisioned the winter with her, staying inside, at home, all day. Well, now that she is here, that is NOT the case! I was dreading the cold winter days with a baby out and about, however I have come to realize with the right planning and the right stuff, being out in the city is completely doable! It is all about planning your day, nap times, feeding times and making sure you have all of the right stuff with you. Meeting a friend out on the other side of the city is completely an option, however 40 minutes each way means I really have to make sure I have everything with me. I thought I would share a bit about what I bring with me to get Fleur and I out and about! 
 First I thought I would talk about the topic so many people ask me, how did you choose your buggy {or as we say in the States, stroller}. Well we ended up going with the UPPAbaby Vista {1} that has the bassinet and the baby seat. The Vista was for sure one of the largest options we looked at. I went back and forth with getting something smaller like the Bugaboo Bee or the amazingly light and tiny Yoyozen , however with a big dog that we often take on walks in Hampstead Heath and knowing that the buggy was my main form of transportation {we do not have a car} I really wanted something sturdy and secure. We have also used the bassinet for the first four months for Fleur to sleep in. It was one of the only sleep approved bassinets and I am so glad we did and did not buy another item. Yes, it may be a larger buggy to get through some doors around the city, however I am so glad we got it. I can bring Oliver on a walk and stop at the market and stick it all underneath, its great. It isn't cheap, but honestly, it is pretty much like my car right now, it is worth the investment. 

The one thing you want to always make sure you have in London, with the buggy is....the rain cover! Even if it is a chance it will rain, bring the Rain Cover ! I've been stuck out running home because I forgot it and I worry that little Fleur is getting wet, so honestly, just keep it rolled up with you. 
 A good diaper bag with all of the essentials. So I actually just ordered the Fawn Diaper Bag {2} and I am PSYCHED for it to arrive! I love that it doesn't look like a "baby" bag and it quite stylish. Honestly when they are little it is much better to have an actual baby bag with so many pockets instead of throwing everything in your every day bag. Your baby will be crying, you will be searching for it and it will will be at the bottom of your messy everyday bag. Get a baby bag, but something you will wear! Also...organize it. 

There are a few things I always keep in the baby bag: 

Wipes, you can never have enough it seems. I use them for your hands, to wipe down the changing tables, for something you spilled, god only knows how many for the little one, trust me, keep them on hand. I like Water Wipes {5} that are fragrance free and super wet.

Also keep some Nappy Sacks {6} to throw the stinky diaper in. The other day I actually change Fleur by my seat in the middle of the cinema. Not wanting to leave I was glad I had a bag to throw it in and get rid of it later! And always....have a few nappies/diapers, you NEVER know how many you may need. There have been days when I need three or I need none, but better safe then sorry. 

Pacifiers - We refer to it as her binky, but whatever you call it....have two!  Fleur likes these Avent Pacifiers {8} and I always feel like we are dropping them and losing them, so I tend to keep one in my purse and one in my baby bag. The last thing I want is to be out in the centre of the city away from my flat and have nothing to calm her down. Also these Dummy Wipes are great to have. I drop her binky on the floor in the bathroom, the tube, the park, easily clean them off with these!

Baby Toys {4}- OK so Fleur has just started really playing with them but she is now loving her Sophie the Giraffe . If you have a teething baby like me it is great to have something on hand that they can chew and for Fleur it is Sophie. Also I like to keep a few Buggy Toys  to distract her if she starts getting bored and fussy. She is loving the soft books right now that make lots of crinkly noise. 

  I can never seem to have enough Muslin Cloths {6}. I use them to burp her, wipe her nose, her mouth, etc. Along with that I also bring.... an Extra Change of Baby Clothes {2}! Never anything fancy, usually a  long onesie that in case she gets sick everywhere {it does happen!} I can change her into something clean. 

Formula {7). So when I am out and about in the city I have started to really love to have a bottle of pre-made formula on hand. I have stopped breastfeeding Fleur and instead of needing to mix it all up when I am out, it is so much easier to pour it into a bottle all ready to go. The pre mixed is more expensive, but trust me, keep a few things on hand and it can save your lunch date sometimes. Those times when I thought she was all good, not hungry and I end up staying out an hour longer.....a bottle to the rescue! 

Every mom has their own things that they rely on, these are things that these past few months have helped me when I am on the other side of the city and need something for Fleur. I'm excited to watch her grow up and change into the toddler size buggy, however, I think I will be needing the same things with me. Four months in I am still learning what do and when, but what I can say I have learned a lot is it is better to be over prepared! The last thing anyone wants is a sad crying baby! Happy babies! 

xoxo Rebecca 


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