Friday, March 10, 2017

I Fancy Friday v. 59

Happy Friday everyone! WOW! Time flies around here. I have had a packed couple of weeks. Ok well, having an almost six month old, every day seems to be an adventure and packed with an activity...even if its a walk to the park. haha. No really, I travelled a lot last month, have two big projects going on, it is a busy house around here. This weekend my husband {"Mr. Beau"} and are both home and are looking forward to hopefully heading to a gallery for a few hours, maybe the Hockney exhibition and a long walk to a park with #babygirlkobus and #siroliveruk. Recently when Mr.Beau is home all weekend and not working, I cherish the time more and more, just the four of us {that is Oliver included, of course!} What are you up to this weekend? Anything you fancied this week? I know I've got a busy week ahead of me so I'm just trying to get stuff done today and relax this weekend! Below are a few little things I have fancied throughout the week, enjoy! It is Friday, I fancy it, hope you do as well! 

 1. I am ALWAYS a huge fan an oversized bouquet. A flowing, huge beauty! If we could do our wedding over or renew our vows, I'd have a monster of a bouquet, just because! Isn't this an amazing one by Bloomingayles gorgeous! 

2. I gave up all meat for Lent and am following a vegetarian diet for 40 days. We made these Falafel Veggie Bowl  and aside from soaking the chickpeas, it is such an easy recipe and so delicious! I've started making a habit of on Sunday evenings preparing all of my vegetables and roasting items so I can have yummy bowls throughout the week. 

3. London brides to be what are you up to next weekend? You should head over A Most Curious Wedding Fair  at the Truman Brewery. This is a "not typical" wedding fair filled with stylish and interesting suppliers from London and around the UK, I highly recommend it! Also, as a new mum business lady I'm LOVING their posts on Jugglist Massive !!!! Check them out, I relate SO much! 

4. If there is one thing at the top of my list for Spring they are these amazing Rifle Paper Shoes that I am stalking. I love them so! Please find a way into my life. 

5. So last weekend my phone was stolen from me while walking home in the park. Yep, snatched right out of my hands during a sunny morning. AWFUL right! ugh. Well, lets just say THANK GOODNESS for the iCloud. My photos are still here. I would have been devastated to find all of my photos of Fleur, gone. I am thinking I need to take my actual camera out more to get camera photos  instead of always my phone, maybe I will start, maybe. Just makes me think, what if they were not recovered! 

6. I got this Pineapple Wax Seal the other day at Quill London. Why, because, it is adorable, pretty and well, it may have a place in an upcoming project. 

7. A new handbag. A pink handbag. I'm loving these pink "lady bags"! Perfect additions for Spring. Top Handled Pebbled Leather Satchel Jemma Bag the JOJO

8. After six months being a new mum, life is great but also a little tiring. Mr. Beau keeps encouraging to get away for a night alone. At first I was not into this idea, but recently I think a day away could be great. I am thinking of a little outing to Bath. Has anyone stayed at No.15 Great Pulteney ? This place looks stylish and perfect for an escape! 

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have great plans ahead!!! 

xox Rebecca


  1. Mother's day is coming will you write a blog about it.

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  3. A beautiful place to get married. I went to my friend's wedding here this past weekend. The NYC wedding venues are beautiful, one of the nicest locations for a wedding I've ever been. The ceremony was very nice and felt very intimate.


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